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Curriculum and Contact

Anette Brolenius
Documentary and Portrait photographer
Phone: +31 6 53299730

Anette Brolenius is a (Swedish) portrait and documentary photographer. She has a background in diplomacy and focuses on social and current political issues, often bringing attention to persons who fight injustices, violence and oppression, and  promote human rights. Her portraits and reportages are regularly published in magazines and newspapers.

Anette is a graduate (cum laude) of the Dutch Academy of Photography (Fotoacademie), and has a MSc from the University of London. 

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Anette Brolenius Photography is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerse (KvK),  registration number: 57320675

Artist's statement 

My photography is driven by my commitment to human rights, gender equality and other social issues. Through the choice of subjects, I am exploring human qualities such as unselfishness, commitment and courage. The engagement of those I portray is a source of inspiration, doing them justice my challenge. A person being beautifully captured is for me insufficient. I strive to make portraits that communicate the importance, seriousness or urgency of the matter at hand, whether that means giving voice to threatened human rights defenders or to role models that inspire young women to realise their dreams and potential. Sometimes, the story is better told through a documentary, at other times through a  combination of a reportage, portraits and text or sound, the project on sexual violence in Congo being one example of such a hybrid project.  I also like to explore my own roots, and the culture of both my native and my current home country, Sweden and the Netherlands. Each project is preceded by thorough research and most projects are long term - I often work on them for several years.


Algemene Voorwaarden / General Terms and Conditions 


Op alle rechtsbetrekkingen van Anette Brolenius zijn de Algemene Voorwaarden van DuPho van toepassing. Toepasselijkheid van de Algemene Voorwaarden van de wederpartij wordt hierbij uitdrukkelijk van de hand gewezen.



Anette Brolenius Photography applies the General Terms and Conditions of Dupho to all legal relationships with Other Parties. Link to these conditions:


Privacy Policy 

In May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR,  (in Dutch de Algemene Verordening Gegevensverwerking, AVG) entered into force in order to give individuals control over how organisations use their data. This privacy declaration explains how Anette Brolenius Photography (AB Photography) handles data.

We keep only data that you as a (potential) client send to us so for administrative purposes, data such as  Name and/or company name, address, phone number, email address, and VAT/BTW number if relevant/applicable.  No information is shared.  The Anette Brolenius Photography website does not use cookies or logs.  Under the data protection law you have the right to see your data, to have it corrected or erased, so long as this is not contradicting other rules (such as rules on financial administration, or constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and information, encompassing artistic and journalistic freedom). 

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